treatment of milk teeth in Moscow, Minsk, Gomel and other countries of the CHD and Europe-clinic services for foreign patients

Priority dental clinic “Mimedetect” is a complete restoration of function of the pediatric dentition. Equipment of offices, multi-qualification of specialists and reasonable price policy allow us to provide high-quality medical care not only to the people of Kiev, but also to the guests of the city. Residents of Moscow ( treatment of milk teeth Moscow) can also take advantage of this opportunity.

Despite the fact that the clinic specializes in pediatric dentistry, its staff are ready to meet and provide friendly attention to patients of any age and social status. Round-the-clock operation mode allows you to eliminate pain without waiting for the morning. And the evening reception is perfect for those whose work schedule is fully consistent with the standard daily routine in a regular clinic.

Services provided by children’s dental clinic – treatment of primary teeth in Moscow

 Initial inspection and consultation;
 radiological examination;
 restoration of the tooth surface with high quality filling materials;
 treatment of pulpitis, periodontitis and caries;
 pre-treatment of the affected anesthetics;
 professional teeth cleaning.

All procedures are carried out with both baby teeth and permanent teeth.

treatment of milk teeth without anesthesia: professionals

In those cases when children’s health is at stake, it is very important for the dentist not to aggravate his condition with additional anesthetics. And since painkillers still have certain side effects, children’s doctors are making every effort to help their young patients without the use of anesthesia. This non-drug method of treatment has become possible thanks to modern equipment, the purchase of which took care of the staff of the clinic “Managertest”.

Of course, in the absence of anesthesia to persuade the child not to leave the dental chair and to fulfill all the requests of medical staff is not easy. But, as practice shows, it is possible. Working with children, dentists can simultaneously entertain, motivate and soothe kids. As for the discomfort, they are perfectly coping with drugs of local action.

treatment of milk teeth Minsk-clinic services for residents of Belarus

When a person is faced with the question of choosing a dental clinic, he is primarily interested in how qualified he trusts such a precious thing as his health. Therefore, employees “Managertest” care to basic professional knowledge, actively complemented by the modern and contemporary methods of treatment of deciduous teeth Minsk (Belarus).
The clinic is one of the few medical institutions that have the ability to serve customers from Russia and CIS countries. Residents of Minsk (Atakzhe other cities of Belarus such as treatment of milk teeth Gomel ) can also assess the level of dental services provided by the medical team. All prices for the work of specialists are in the public domain, which allows to make preliminary calculations of the costs of funds necessary for treatment. For the convenience of patients, the heads of the center provided preferential conditions for the initial examination of families with two or more children.

Clinic offers

Personnel and technical potential of the center makes it possible to engage in activities such as treatment of milk teeth Minsk:

1) Preliminary consultation and inspection;
2) the use of different types of anesthesia;
3) visit to the x-ray room;
4) filling of milk and permanent teeth;
5) restoration of severely damaged teeth;
6) treatment and prevention of caries, pulpitis and other diseases;
7)provision of emergency assistance in case of bleeding.

Clinic staff as part of the duty team can also go to the house to the client for procedures.
Is it possible to do without anesthesia?

Modern methods of anesthesia allow for manipulation of different nature and duration. However, despite the stated safety, the use of not all anesthetics passes for the child’s body without consequences.

Therefore, the doctors of “Mamadentist” try to minimize the use of injection with treatment of milk teeth in Minsk (Belarus) drugs and are often limited to local anesthetics. And in some cases, thanks to the drill with a low level of vibration, and do without any anesthetic compounds.

We should also note the unique triple disinfection system, which guarantees the sterility of tools and consumables. Replace disposable sets held regularly so the infection of any concomitant diseases in the clinic completely eliminated.

Clinic mamadentist treatment of milk teeth in Kiev for residents of the EU and CIS countries.

Dear fathers and mothers,

who are coming to us for treatment

from other countries and cities!


We know how exciting it is to go with a small child to another country for treatment. 

We will do our best to make your visit to us as effective and comfortable as possible.  

Geography of our patients is so diverse that we never cease to be surprised at your boundless love for children and your courage! 

After all, fly from Japan or Dublin,  Magadan or Arkhangelsk, Berlin or Moscow, Texas or Lyon, Riga or Minsk, Saudi Arabia or Sochi, Abakan or Amsterdam, Milan or Zurich,

could only the most caring and loving parents. 

foreign patients MamaDentist

Follow a few simple guidelines before visiting our children’s dentist:

  1. Do not feed the baby for 2-3 hours before arrival. Some children are so worried that even before any intervention can"give eaten & quot;. Climate change, a long road and of course the excitement of parents can also affect.
  2. Bring a change of clothes. The child may sweat heavily during treatment.
  3. Do not feed your baby immediately after treatment. During the treatment, the child could swallow some water with air and should wait a little while until the baby either burps the air or it will go further into the intestine. 
  4. After treatment, as a rule, soon you can feed the child. Therefore, take a yogurt or a light sandwich.   

Questions that are usually asked of us out of town patients: 

  1. How many visits will it take a child to cure 10-16 teeth?
    If the volume of work is large, we can offer to split the treatment into several visits: the first – in the morning before 12.00, the second – after 16.00. 
  2. If we come to you from another country, and the child does not want to treat teeth?
    If your child is three years old, we will agree with him to treat teeth in any case, as well as for all painful procedures will make local anesthesia to the baby did not feel pain. 
  3. is it Possible to treat my child under anesthesia or sedaca?
    Of course can be, if for this there is testimony. 
  4. how do you know how much the treatment will cost?
    To do this, send detailed photographs of the teeth of the baby address and we will tailor a treatment plan and cost of treatment. 
  5. If we get to the clinic before the appointment, can we rest off the road and spend the waiting time without causing inconvenience?
    Yes, of course you can relax from the road and enjoy a Cup of tea or coffee in our separate cozy room, which we have created especially for such guests. No one will disturb you, even if your child falls asleep on the couch. 
  6. if I Can do this in parallel with the child to visit a dentist for yourself or another family member?
    Absolutely. Our administrators are most comfortable for you to make a schedule of reception and you, and your baby, so you use the time spent in the clinic as productively as possible. 
  7. Where to stay in Kiev?
    If you come by car we recommend to choose a hotel "grandma’s Garden"   
    Or hotel "Krakow"
    If you want to rent an apartment/hotel near the metro station, we suggest to turn to the Internet to find and rent an apartment closer to the center – the metro Theatre, University, Arsenal (because it will be more comfortable accommodation, near the Park or walking area and the proximity of a direct metro line).  
  8. Do we accept payment in Russian rubles?  sorry, no.