Dear patients!

Our clinic is always with understanding and loyalty applies in every single situation that concerns warranty work.

A prerequisite for compliance with the warranty – the patient must come for preventive examinations every 6 months after treatment.


dental treatment in children with warranty

caries treatment of baby teeth

  1. Fillings on chewing teeth (in the treatment of caries of any depth and on the chewing surface of the tooth) – warranty 5 years.

If your baby has a seal within these five years,

restoration of the seal is free .

the Patient pays 150 UAH. for a sterile set.

  1. Seals on front teeth – warranty 3 years.
  1. complete restoration of the anterior milk teeth (restoration on the roots). we guarantee 12-18 months on fully restored front milk teeth, subject to the recommendations of the doctor and proper dental care. However, the doctor has the right to inform you if the restoration of teeth is not subject to warranty (tooth restoration on the roots below the level of the gums).
  2. the restoration of posterior teeth (no 1/2-2/3 of the tooth and the destruction below the level of the gums ) – 18 to 36 months
  3. Restoration of the front teeth (absence of 1/2-2/3 of the tooth) – 18 months

If during the first year there is a breakdown of the restored tooth by negligence (child fall, injury) or due to improper treatment of teeth (solid food biting) and non-compliance with the doctor’s recommendations (poor hygiene), the patient pays the full cost of treatment.

Nota Bene! Most of our children have teeth that last for years!

pulpitis / periodontitis treatment of milk teeth

Fillings on chewing teeth, delivered after treatment pulpitis/periodontitis – warranty 18 months.

the treatment of pulpitis/periodontitis of milk teeth may also exacerbate chronic inflammatory processes!

the only guarantee that the tooth with pulpitis/periodontitis will no longer hurt/disturb the baby, can only be tooth extraction. However, if the parents insist on the treatment of the tooth, they should be aware of possible exacerbations in the treatment of such teeth.

treatment of caries of permanent teeth in children

10 year Warranty-permanent chewing tooth fillings

5 year Warranty-seals on permanent front teeth