Treatment of children restoration:


ServiceChildren’s receptionChildren’s reception
1Consultation and examination of the child, the recommendation for the care of the oral cavity, drawing up a treatment plan (If the treatment will take place at the same time, a doctor’s consultation is a gift)650 UAH 
2When examining 2-5 children from one family, consultation is paid for only one child. Every next child (2-5 children)+300 UAH 
3Study visit (game adaptation of the child to dental procedures, 15-30 minutes)1000 UAH 
4Game adaptation to treatment500 UAH 
5Re-examination of the child (4-6 months after treatment)500 UAH 
6Sterile set150 UAH 
7The use of local anesthesia (application + infiltration anesthesia) in children in the treatment of caries and pulpitis of teeth150 UAH 
8Aiming snapshot150 UAH 
9Medical and laser treatment of gums in the treatment of severely damaged teeth250-450 UAH 
10Medical gasket250 UAH 
11Restoration/filling of chewing milk teeth in a child. Anesthesia cost included. (The price does not depend on the material used. We choose only the best for our children, and do not offer you this from a difficult choice)1600-2000 UAH 
12Restoration of the chewing milk tooth, missing 2/3 of the crown1850 UAH 
13Restoration of the chewing milk tooth, the crown of the tooth is completely missing.1900 UAH 
14Restoration of the chewing milk tooth, 4 surfaces are affected (chewing, contact, buccal, lingual/palatal)2000 UAH 
15Restoration/filling of milk front heavily damaged teeth. Anesthesia Cost Included2000-3000 UAH 
16Treatment of pulpitis of the front milk teeth1750 UAH 
17Treatment of pulpitis of the chewing milk tooth by the amputation method + temporary filling. Anesthesia cost included. A permanent seal in most cases is placed in 1-2 weeks. (The cost of permanent fillings – see item number 12)1200 UAH 
18Treatment of periodontitis of the baby tooth with soft tissue swelling. First aid. Anesthesia cost included1200 UAH 
19Filling of three canals of a milk chewing tooth2000 UAH 
20Treatment of dental caries in permanent chewing teeth in children (using cofferdam)2500-3500 UAH 
21Treatment of caries in permanent chewing teeth in children using a microscope.3000-3700 UAH 
22Providing emergency dental care “at home”, leaving the medical team.from 1000 UAH 
23Brushing teeth baby500-800 UAH 


ServiceChildren’s receptionChildren’s reception
1Brushing your child’s teeth500 UAH 
2Brushing your child’s permanent teeth800 UAH 
3Cleaning plaque Priestley with the help of Air Flow (sudostroenie)800 – 1200 UAH 
4Non-Invasive sealing of fissures of permanent molars (provided that no more than 1 month has passed since the tooth eruption)750 UAH 
5Remineralizing complex for upper and lower teeth for 4 courses3600 UAH 
6Invasive sealing of fissures of permanent molars (provided that more than 1 month has passed since the tooth eruption)1450/2500 UAH 

Dental Treatment in children

by Dr. Anna Ivanovna Krylova  

Specializes in the treatment of children up to three years

most complex and critical cases, 
where you need a maximum of experience and speed in 
without sedation 
under local anesthesia

Director and chief physician of the clinic “MamaDentist”, 
psychotherapist, mother with many children, 
doctor with 20 years of experience in pediatric dentistry




Pediatric surgery:  
1Front  Removal movable milk tooth with anesthesia450 UAH
2Analgesic removal of the anterior milk tooth650 UAH
3Removing chewing baby tooth(molar) anesthesia650 – 850 UAH
4New! Laser (without blood and suturing) correction / undercutting  tongue or lip frenulum2700  UAH
5Surgical correction of lip or tongue frenum3300 UAH
diode laser Applications:
1Treatment of granulomas and fistula moves350 UAH
2New! Help with painful teething400 UAH
3Sterilization of naked pulp150 UAH
4Sterilization of contaminated dentine250 UAH
5Root canal Disinfection250 UAH
6Gum Correction on front teeth250 – 350 UAH
7Excision hoods, apelido500 UAH  
 Disease Treatment of the mucosa sheath mouth: 
1New! treatment of aphthas, erosions, cold sores350 UAH
2Laser disinfection of periodontal pockets350 – 450 UAH
3Closed curettage of periodontal pockets250 – 500 UAH
(receive is implemented without appointment from 8.30 to 19.30): 
1Taking the child to acute pain in the daytimefrom 750 & nbsp; UAH
2Reception of the child on acute pain at night (21.00-8.00)from 1500 UAH
Orthodontic technique:
1Orthodontist Consultation800 UAH
2Follow-up visit orthodontist600 UAH
3Fixation of braces on one jaw – Metal26000 UAH
4Fixation of ceramic brackets on one jaw 

32000 UAH


Fixation of a ceramic self-adjusting bracket system on one jaw

36000 UAH

6Bite Correction with removable plate

6500 UAH

7Device-prostheses for children with prematurely removed milk teeth5100UAH


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