Let’s protect the child together from dangerous anesthesia-dental treatment for children near sevoran

If the child is shown dental treatment under anesthesia, in this case, doctors in public hospitals and private clinics often use “Serovanum” – an anesthetic that is used in medicine for inhalation anesthesia. The introduction of this drug allows you to quickly turn off the patient’s consciousness, and after the procedure – almost instantly recover. But, not without consequences. Dental treatment in children under sevoran is dangerous. On personal experience, parents of young patients notice unpleasant consequences in the development of their child after the use of “Serovana”.

How does anesthesia work

Before the operation, the child inhales a drug that has a rather pleasant smell. The effect occurs immediately after a couple of breaths. The patient will Wake up within 15 minutes after the gas supply is stopped.

Sevoran is used by almost all public hospitals and private clinics. Parents are warned that anesthesia harms the child’s body, but rather casually, for the sake of a tick. Rarely will anyone offer the mother of a child suffering from toothache an alternative to anesthesia. Few people will tell their parents about the consequences that anesthesia can cause after exposure to the growing body.

Dental treatment for children near sevoran has been used by doctors for a long time and for various operations for children:

  • abscess;
  • periostitis;
  • removal of teeth and cysts;
  • pulpitis;
  • caries;
  • periodontitis.

Harm to the child’s body
It is important for parents to understand that “Serov” is very dangerous for the young child’s body. Of course, like any medicine, it has contraindications.

It is not recommended to use it:

  • with inflammation of the respiratory tract in a child;
  • in acute inflammatory processes of the urinary tract, lungs, liver;
  • with exudative diathesis;
  • if the child has recently had an infection;
  • for intracranial pressure;
  • in decompensated pathologies.

If it is possible to use local anesthesia, it is better to opt for it.  And it is also important to remember that before applying General anesthesia, the child must undergo an examination, bring the conclusion of the pediatrician.

If, after all, the operation is a necessary measure and the role of anesthesia is “Serov”, then it is very important to monitor the child’s reaction to the drug administration. In case of overdose, the child may develop life-threatening symptoms:

  • changes in Central nervous system activity;
  • cramps
  • the collapse of the vessels;
  • respiratory arrest.

If such symptoms are present, the administration of the drug to the child should be stopped immediately. The victim should start the artificial ventilation of the lungs. At such a time, it is important to monitor the state of the heart, otherwise everything may end badly.

In addition, doctors and parents of young patients noticed that after using anesthesia, they noticed memory, thinking and attention disorders in children. Many scientists suggest that childhood anesthesia may be the cause of attention deficit disorder, and in some cases, hyperactivity.

In their experience, some parents were convinced that after undergoing anesthesia, their children became absent-minded, school performance decreased, and their immune system was disrupted. More recently, there was a version that anesthesia kills brain cells of a growing child.

Treatment without anesthesia

Children’s dental clinic “MamaDentist” is one of those who are against the treatment of children under anesthesia. Doctors of the clinic take on the most difficult cases,when others give up.  Here, surgical interventions in the child’s body are possible without the use of dangerous drugs. Highly qualified doctors, under the supervision of anesthesiologists, perform operations of any complexity, without introducing a small patient to a drug-induced sleep.

Treatment without anesthesia is not inferior in quality to treatment under anesthesia. Doctors of the clinic are able to find the right words for the baby, after which the child positively perceives all the manipulations that are necessary for treatment.  

As the practice of the children’s dental clinic “MamaDentist” shows, many children can easily tolerate dental treatment, even the most difficult, if they find the right words and explain everything to them.