Parent issues

Question: how to prepare a child for a trip to the dentist?


  1. Tell the child exactly what purpose and where he is going. Name the doctor (call the doctor by name, not abstract"aunt "). To lose verbal, it might be possible to do doctor: watch the teeth, clean, seal)
  2. The parent is required to understand and understand the need for timely dental treatment . The positive attitude of the parent is no less important than the mood of the child.
  3. Education of the child’s ability to endure discomfort, not focusing on them the attention of others.
  4. Distraction of the child’s attention from disturbing thoughts and negative stimuli, preceding or accompanying treatment.
  5. The weakening of emotional stress (anxiety, fear) with the help of pharmacological agents (in agreement with the family doctor)

Question: At what age is it possible to be treated in our clinic?

Answer: the smallest patient who has been in our chair is a baby at the age of 7 days. He underwent laser correction of the tongue frenulum. The smallest child who had to treat his teeth due to the development of caries (front upper and lower incisors) is an 8 – month-old baby.

Question: do doctors clinic "Mimedetect" treatment under anesthesia or sedation?

Answer: Yes, our clinic can be treated under anesthesia or sedation under the guidance of an experienced team of anesthesiologists. However, we try to protect our kids from the harmful effects of potent substances. You can learn more about the dangers of anesthesia from personal communication with our doctors.

Question: is it Possible to adapt the child to treatment after unsuccessful trips to the dentist?

Answer: in our practice, we meet children every day who do not even go to the office to protest loudly against the treatment. As a rule, these children already know who dentists are and do not listen to the doctor and can control the situation with a cry. However, the chances to establish contact with the baby are great. Our children’s doctors will be able to teach even the biggest fidgets to small heroic acts to bring joy to parents. You only need to listen carefully to the doctor’s recommendations on the behavior of the child and successful treatment from the first visit is guaranteed.

Question: at what age should I trim the frenulum of the upper lip?

Answer: in most cases, the frenulum of the upper lip should be trimmed when there was already a change of milk teeth, and erupted permanent. This is worth doing, since a short lip frenulum can create a prerequisite for the formation of a gap (diastema) between the teeth. In older age, a short frenulum can provoke an earlier recession of the gums in the Central incisor.

Question: can breastfeeding provoke the development of caries in a small child?

Answer: breastfeeding alone may not be the cause of caries. However, in adverse circumstances, such as: early teething, heredity factors, the presence of caries in parents or older children in the family, insufficient oral hygiene, unbalanced nutrition, diseases of the first year of life of the child – breastfeeding can become an accelerator of carious processes.