Why "MamaDentist"


pediatric dentistry from Mimedetect - benefits

We have extensive experience in the treatment of caries in children under three years of age.

our doctors have been studying abroad for many years: USA, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Russia.

all doctors work according to agreed and proven methods, as well as international protocols.

Our clinic has a triple system of tools processing.

we have a working six  pediatric dentists. Thus, if your doctor is on vacation and your child has a toothache, you do not have to look for another doctor.

we take on acute pain at any time of the day.

our clinic uses low-vibration boron machines, which allows in some cases without pain to treat the tooth without even using local anesthesia.

We are not afraid of capricious and loud children.

We find an approach to any child and gradually adapt the baby to treatment.

Our clinic provides guarantees for its work.

we actively use modern laser equipment for fast and bloodless surgery in childhood.

Laser correction of the lip or tongue frenulum takes only five minutes!

we sterilize the tooth tissue with a laser before filling the teeth, thus killing the infection deep in the canals of the tooth and prevent the development of caries under the seal.

do not silver teeth and offer only aesthetic solutions to dental problems

we treat without ANESTHESIA children with down syndrome, rett, cerebral palsy, autism.

we restore even the most damaged teeth to the root.

our friendly administrators will always help to make your stay in the clinic more joyful and enjoyable.

we always remain loyal to our regular patients as well as to single mothers.