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Clinic Director

Evgeny Krylov

owner and founder of the clinic

Father of three daughters


Main doctor of clinic

Ann Ivanovna Крылова

Hostess and ideological inspirer of clinic

Domestic doctor-psychotherapist

A doctor is in the third generation

Member of International Association of Pedodontists

Medical experience - 15

Mother of three daughters


Children's dentist

Julia M.Dobos

Head of children's therapeutic Department

Medical experience-8 years

Specialization: treatment of children under anesthesia, as well as with syndromes

Children's dentist

Evgenia Viktorovna Yatsishina

Mother of 5-year-old daughter

Medical experience-8 years

Specialization: treatment of children with autism and developmental delay

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Children's dentist

Inna Sergeevna Nagornyak

Medical experience-6 years

teeth whitening Specialist



Children's dentist

Olga Nikolaevna Godymchuk

Medical experience-4 years

асистент стоматолога 32

Children's dentist

Olga Andreevna Shabliy

Medical experience-3 years

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Children's dentist

Katerina Olegovna Volkova

Mother of 2-year-old daughter

Medical experience-5 years


Endodontist, dentist-therapist

Yuri V. Reznichenko

saves such teeth that other doctors remove

Medical experience-15 years

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Orthopaedic surgeon, dentist

Vasily Bondar

Medical experience-10 years


Doctor of smooth and beautiful smiles

Olga V. Kotlarczyk

Medical experience-10 years

Member of Ukrainian Association of Orthodontists

Studied in the USA, Europe


maxim-kulpin детский стоматолог

Assistant children's dentist

Maxim Kulpin

gets along Great with kids, especially boys


Assistant children's dentist

Natalia Kovtun

Mother of 7-year-old son

kind and responsive aunt Natasha


асистент детского стоматолога 3920

Dental assistant

Maria Jovenko

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Senior administrator of the clinic

Elena Polishchuk

mother of 7-year-old daughter

personal physician assistant

Dr. Anna Ivanovna Krylova



Senior administrator of the clinic

Inna Cherevko


Clinic administrator

Ekaterina Medvedchikova

Client Manager

врачи детской стомат клиники mamadentist

Clinic administrator

Yana Grigorieva