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Director Of The Clinic

Evgeny Krylov

Owner and founder of the clinic

Father of four daughters

Chief Physician of the clinic

Anna Krylova

The owner and inspirer of the clinic

Family therapist-psychotherapist

A third-generation doctor

International lecturer of educational centers for dentists of the CIS

Medical experience – 20 years

Mother of four daughters


Deputy Chief Physician 

Yulia Dobush

Specialization: treatment of young children, children with syndromes, as well as treatment under anesthesia

Medical experience – 15 years

Mother of a small boy

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Senior Physician

Inna Maglena

Specialization: treatment of small children, as well as treatment of special children, with autism spectrum, developmental delays, cerebral palsy

Medical experience – 11 years

Mother of a little girl

Детский стоматолог Евгения Викторовна Яцишина

 Senior Physician

Yevgenia Yatsyshina

Specialization: treatment of young children, children with autism, as well as developmental delay

Medical experience – 15 years

Mother of an 10-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son

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 Senior Physician

Katerina Volkova

Medical experience – 9 years

Mother of an 6-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son


 Senior Physician

Olga Godymchuk

Medical experience – 8 years

Children’s Dentist

Kovalishin Roksolana

Medical experience – 4 years

Children’s Dentist

Svetlana Kosterina

Medical experience – 3 years


Olga Kotlyarchik

doctor of beautiful smiles

Medical work experience – 14 years


Endodontist, dentist-therapist

Yuri Reznichenko

save those teeth, that other doctors remove

Medical experience – 20 years


Paediatric Dental Assistant

Natalia Kovtun

Mother of a 7-year-old son

Kind and sympathetic Aunt Natasha


асистент детского стоматолога 3920

Dental Assistant

Maria Jovenko